Bangladesh Humanitarian Aquaponics Project

In conjunction with Bangladesh Chair, Awlad Bhuiyan, Koya Project will be coordinating with the Global Goodwill Ambassadors network in Dhaka to identify an impact site for an aquaponics food production system related to one or more of the ongoing attention areas: food insecurity, water scarcity, Rohingya refugees crisis and/or GGA advocacy focuses including Women’s Empowerment, Youth & Child, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence, Help the Homeless and My Body is My Body; Koya Project co-founder, Shafi Karim, is also an official GGA Ambassador in representation of the United States & Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Humanitarian Aquaponics Project

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Donations are tax-deductible, and a COMPLETE EMAIL RECEIPT is issued immediately upon submission of donation. Koya Project is a Los Angeles-based, accredited 501(c)(3) global organization – please consult with accounting professionals to understand complete deduction laws that may apply to you. Feel free to direct any additional questions to shafi@koyaproject.org


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