Set across the river from the kingdom’s capital, Phnom Penh, this purpose-built foster home cares for up to 36 abandoned children who would have otherwise have been forgotten. Without the intervention of an organization like Little Hearts, these children have a bleak future placing them at risk of malnutrition, exploitation and abuse, severe poverty and at worse, an early death.

The Belgium-operated organization brings happiness into the little hearts of the children they care for be providing a clean safe and loving home as well as access to quality education which is a right that every child deserves despite their socioeconomic background for a chance at a brighter future

Koya project was both touched and impressed by this professionally-run and dedicated establishment, feeling that they were the perfect candidate for an aquaponics system.

The project consists of a fish tank constructed below ground level to keep the fish nice and cool. There is also a vertical garden for leafy green vegetables and 3 media beds which are already yielding bumper crops of the children’s favourites which include ‘morning glory’.

The system is currently in transition to phase 2, which involves the installation of a filtration system, re-configuration of the DWC beds and wicking beds to become even more productive and the installation of UV protecting cover.


Project: Little Hearts Organisation
Location: Areyksat, Cambodia

Contact: Tony Geeraerts: tony@littlehearts.be Project Manager: Jorge Rico: jorge@koyaproject.org

Project design and Construction: Khmer aquaponics
Site dimensions: 14m x 8m

Fish tank capacity: 5,000 litres
Stocking density: 2kg per 100 litres
Fish harvest weight: 800 grams
Expected fish harvest: 250 kilograms per year

Total vegetable growing area: 26m2

Media bed growing area: 18m2
Media bed planting density: 6 plants/m2
Media bed plants: 110

DWC growing area: 6m2
DWC planting density: 35 plants/m2
DWC plants: 210 plants

Wicking bed growing area: 2m2
Wicking bed density and number of plants: varies

Donation to Little Hearts Foster Home

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Donation Total: $20

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