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As a dedicated leader and professional role model through his work in the non-profit sector, Koya Project is proud to appoint Christopher Martin as an International Youth Ambassador.Christopher is the youngest ambassador for the Koya project with a passion for helping others. Koya Project is a California-based non-profit, focused on empowering children across the world by using sustainable aquaponics farming practices to solve food shortages, improve nutrition, and create a disciple culture to educate and build a positive future for those in marginalized communities. Christopher will utilize his talents and play a critical role to raise awareness, advocate, and fundraise on behalf of the Koya Project.
Christopher has a history of donating to soup kitchen’s both in the West Coast and East Coast. He has been involved in helping individuals in the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. Christopher created “Swim for the Cure” a charity to help children with cancer.
Christopher believes every child should have a chance for a healthy and happy life.
Christopher does not see a limit to the possibilities in helping others. He is compassionate and has an enormous amount of empathy for others especially those less fortunate. Christopher is a young humanitarian with a benevolent heart.

Koya project was both touched and impressed by this professionally-run and dedicated establishment, feeling that they were the perfect candidate for an aquaponics system.

The project consists of a fish tank constructed below ground level to keep the fish nice and cool. There is also a vertical garden for leafy green vegetables and 3 media beds which are already yielding bumper crops of the children’s favourites which include ‘morning glory’. The system is currently in transition to phase 2, which involves the installation of a filtration system, re-configuration of the DWC beds and wicking beds to become even more productive and the installation of UV protecting cover.

Please help us

Project : Little Hearts Organisation
Location: Areyksat, Cambodia


Contact: Tony

Geeraerts: tony@littlehearts.be

Project Manager: Jorge

Rico: jorge@localhost

Project design and Construction: Khmer aquaponics
Site dimensions: 14m x 8m

Fish tank capacity: 5,000 litres
Stocking density: 2kg per 100 litres
Fish harvest weight: 800 grams
Expected fish harvest: 250 kilograms per year

Total vegetable growing area: 26m2

Media bed growing area: 18m2
Media bed planting density: 6 plants/m2
Media bed plants: 110

DWC growing area: 6m2
DWC planting density: 35 plants/m2
DWC plants: 210 plants

Wicking bed growing area: 2m2
Wicking bed density and number of plants: varies

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